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Oversees Activities, Logistics services in China & Thailand

Nissei's Logistics Services in China

Kosei International Cargo Agent (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., herein after referred to as "Kosei", our subsidiary company in China, has been providing variety of logistics services through their offices in Shanghai and Dalian.

Merit A

Kosei has agency agreements with Chinese trading companies and forwarding companies who can manage both logistics and commercial process in China so that Nissei & Kosei can provide total logistics services with commercial process managements.

By outsourcing each logistics mode & process to the best & optimum service providers, Kosei can provide total logistics services and most suitable operational flow for our customers.

Kosei Trucker A Warehouse 1 Customs Broker a NVOCC x Shipping Line 1
Trucker B Warehouse 2 Customs Broker b NVOCC y Shipping Line 2
Trucker C Warehouse 3 Customs Broker c NVOCC z Shipping Line 3
Merit B

Based on SCM (Supply Chain Management) system managed by Kosei & Nissei, our customers can grasp whole process and information from the issuance of P/O (Purchase Order) to the final delivery to end users through ordinary internet environment.

Nissei's Logistics Services in Thailand

Through CTI Logistics Co., Ltd., our partner in Thailand (herein after called as "CTI"), we can provide variety of logistics services not only Customs Clearance, International Sea and Air Freight Forwarding, Transportation (including interstate trucking services between Thailand and Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China), Warehousing, etc. but also an inventory management using "Free Zone Warehouse".

Free Zone Warehouse
  • Quality values
  • One-stop services
  • Just in time [JIT] distribution
  • 5-Star warehouse standard certified by DIT (the Ministry of Commerce)
  • Tailor-made services
  • Long-term storage
  • With temperature-controlled area and rack systems
  • Pick-packing, mixing and sub-dividing services

Located in the prime zone of North Bangkok approximately 1 km. of Donmuang Airport, covering an area over 12,000 square meters, stands CTI's Free Zone warehouse, the first to have ever been awarded a license of Free Zone under the commercial operations category.

Such a license allows goods to be brought into the country and stored at this location with zero import duty.  With the free zone facility, client can clear through Customs in partials or the whole lot of their shipments as and when required. This will eventually help defer financial cost on import duties by customers.

Striving to emphasize top quality and reliability, CTI is proud to report that with its fully equipped facilities and highly sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS), it is the only freight forwarder and customs broker in Thailand with the capability to offer such extensive services.


Please feel free to make inquiries about “Nissei’s services in Thailand” to; Click here! Sales Department TEL: 03-3471-1191

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